Hughans have the

to service just about anything
that cuts, grinds or drills.

Who We Are

We specialise in supplying tooling requirements for professional wood, plastics, engineering, steel fabrication and food industries. Ranging from bandsaws and circular saws to router bits and custom-made cutters, we can cater for all your cutting and drilling needs.

Through the commissioning of modern CNC Robotic grinding machines, we also ensure precision sharpening for both Carbide tipped and High-speed steel circular saw blades, as well as utilising traditional and innovative methodology for sharpening a wide range of other tooling and custom manufactured parts.

We also supply essential consumables to complement the tooling such as lubricants (for cutting, grinding, tapping and drilling), Anti-spatter (for welding) and abrasives (for grinding, cutting and polishing) to improve the application and final finish whilst maintaining the longevity of customers’ tooling and machinery.





65 years in the industry with a knowledgeable, experienced and skilled workforce



We scoured the globe hand selecting only the best products available, so if it’s from Hughans, it will perform.


Technical Support

Dedicated and dependable team to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency with minimum downtime


Advanced Technology

CNC Robotics for high quality precision sharpening



Our attention to detail comes naturally because we aim for perfection



Our business philosophy is built around customer service

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Our Story

Hughans was founded  by Terence Hughan, great grandson of  British saw doctor John Hughan (pictured) who was shipwrecked in Flinders Bay, WA on 18 November 1853 on a voyage from Liverpool to Melbourne. John installed the saws  at the first mill in Jarrahdale in 1875 and later moved permanently to WA with his sons Peter and David in 1896. Terence followed in the family trade, completing his apprenticeship as a saw doctor under his father and grandfather from 1950-1954, before establishing Hughans Saw Service in 1956.

Over the years the business evolved, modernised and expanded, keeping up to date with the latest technologies and innovations in material science, to cater to all industries requiring cutting and sharpening expertise and has built a reputation on integrity, quality and service.

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