Router Bits & Woodworking Tooling

Hughans stock a large range of carbide tipped, diamond (PCD) tipped and disposable tipped router bits. We source our router bits and other woodworking tooling from Carbi-Tool in Victoria and other European suppliers. Please refer to the links below for woodworking tooling or contact us for further information and advice:

  • Diamond Tipped Router Bits
  • Edge & Face Forming Bits
  • Face Moulding Bits
  • Groove Forming Bits
  • Joining Bits
  • Laminate Trimming Bits & Cutters
  • Panel Door & Window Bits
  • Replaceable (TOK) Insert Router Bits
  • Slotting Cutters & Assemblies
  • Solid Surface Bits
  • Straight Bits
  • Trim Saws
  • Dowel drills and Boring Bits
  • Router Bit Sets
  • Bearing & Router Bits Accessories

  • Grooving Saw Cutters
  • Profile Cutter Heads
  • Rebating Cutter Heads
  • Finger Joining
  • Raise Panel Cutter Heads

  • Drill Bits
  • Auger Bits 
  • Plug Cutters
  • Spade Bits
  • Hand Saws
  • Tenon Saws
  • Holesaws (Carbide Tipped & Bimetal)
  • Jigsaw Blades
  • Picture Framing (Morso Blades)
  • Planer, Thicknesser Blades: Custom cut for all machines
  • Serrated Back Steel: Used for spindle moulder tooling in widths of 40,50,60 & 70mm wide   

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